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Welcome to our Artesian Spas ex-display page. All these Hot Tubs come delivered Free within 20 miles from our base with full warranty as new! If you are ready to take delivery, great! If not, no problem just pay a small deposit to secure and we can deliver at a time to suit you!

If you would like to know more about any tub or arrange to wet test then please email or call 0116 220 2025. Do not take the risk buying something from e-bay. All our Softub’s come with warranty for your peace of mind. Just call for details of any tub!

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If you would like to view a particular tub please contact us first to ensure  the tub you are interested in, is on display and someone is available to assist you. We are also happy to send you photos of any of the tubs. Please, just ask?

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Garden Spa Range

Iris + 4 Person

198 X 153 X 76cm
27 Jets

  • Sold – Call for information on next available one coming into stock!
  • Colour:- Silver marble with black cabinet
Camellia + 4 Person

183 X 183 X 81cm
23 Jets

Sold- Call now for information on next available one coming into stock!

Hydrangea + 4 Person

198 X 198 X 81cm
27 Jets

Call Now for details & Pricing! SOLD

Limited Edition South Seas Range

The Hawaii + 5/6 Person

214 X 198 X 87cm
35 Jets

  • Sold – Call now for information on  latest availability !
735L SE + 6 Person  

214 X 214 X 91cm SOLD
35 Jets

Island Spa Range

Grand Bahama + 6 Person 

232 X 232 X 92cm
61 Jets

  • SOLD – Call for availability!


Antigua + 6 Person

214 X 214 X 92cm
52 Jets

  • SOLD

The above tub has additional features to standard: – Illuminated Pillow water fall, Dynabrite Multicolour System.

Nevis + 6 Person

214 X 198 X 87cm
33 Jets


Above tub has additional feature to standard: – Illuminated Pillow Water fall.

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