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Worldwide Wifi App

– Pick the water care setting that matches your schedule.
– Filtration and temperature settings will adjust accordingly.
– Create the ideal spa experience every time you use your spa!
– Pumps, accessories and lighting all perform just as you wish!
– Control your spa wirelessly from anywhere in the world!

Phone app
Control Panel for Platinum Elite Spa

Intelligent Control Panels

Island Controls
The dashboard layout of spa controls makes it easy for users to control the spa whilst bathing. User-friendly menus guide the user to different options. Easily set the temperature, lighting preferences, and turn on the massage jets from one easy-to-use control panel.

Platinum Elite Controls   
Touch Screen Platinum Elite Controls
This touch screen keypad provides a maximised viewing area. Its menu-driven interface features use of visible icons, making control of the spa simple for the spa user.

Pulsating Wave Motion

This fabulous new feature allows the user to experience a whole new hydrotherapy sensation. At the touch of a button the pressure will slowly change from a mild massage to a full deep tissue massage with a pulsating effect and back to a mild massage.  This will continue until the button is pressed again.

This replaces the traditional diverter control and by doing so also increases the spas efficiency as no power is lost by the friction caused when water hits the dead end of a diverter.

Pulsating Wave
Direct Flow

DirectFlow with Variable Flow Control

The innovative patented DirectFlow™ technology combines switchless motor and plumbing system of the Platinum Elite line makes use of highly efficient, reliable pumps and motors, strategically positioned under each hydrotherapy seat. Each seat is controlled by a DirectFlow™ personal control panel consisting of an on/off switch, an air control for the jets, and a Variable Flow Control™ (VFC) located in easy reach of the spa user. VFC is an integral part of the DirectFlow™ system. This patented design enables users the ultimate in personalized control over the each seat’s hydrotherapy environment.

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