Our Softub Range

Softub Resort T300+
Softub Resort T300+ 5/6 Person
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Softub Legend T220
Softub Legend T220 4 Person
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Softub Sportster 140
Softub Sportster 140  2 Person
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Portico Syntex™ 5/6 Person
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Why choose a Softub?
1. Energy Efficient

Softub spas are market leaders when it comes to the use of heat recovery technology. The Hydromate incorporates pump, motor and heater into a single unit. The filtered water is warmed using heat generated by the motor, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

2. Portable

Lightweight, easy to use, simple to install: Since Softub is the world’s most portable spa; there are no limits as to where you can install it from balconies to roof terraces with no concrete base required and you only need one person to install it.

3. Comfortable

When it comes to comfort and relaxation, Softub spas can’t be beaten. The soft but firm Polybond foam interior makes the Softub as cosy and comfortable as a leather sofa however you choose to sit and it’s even easy to get in and out of – so you can be sure to make a glamorous entrance!

4. Stylish

Beautiful and tactile materials, modern exterior colours and practical, stylish accessories – a Softub is the quintessence of design, style and superior quality.

5. Quiet

Softubs are equipped with Advanced Whisper technology which makes them the quietest spas in the world – so you can sit back and relax in soothing silence, or if you fancy put a bit of music on and unwind without any noisy interruptions.

6. Hygienic

The automatic purification function of the Softub Ozonator aids intensive and hygienic water purification so that you can relax in crystal clear, high-quality water every time you take a bath!

7. Weather resistant

Come rain or shine, not matter whether it is freezing cold or red hot– Leathertex, the robust outer material, can withstand almost any weather conditions. Softubs stand for durability with colours that won’t fade over the years.

8. Versatile

Softubs are spacious so you are free to move about however you please, and the round shape allows you to sit in any position you choose without being restricted to a seat.

How to install in three simple steps

Easy to transport, simple to install – you can set up your new oasis of wellness and wellbeing in no time at all.

1. Location

The Softub will be delivered securely packaged to your home where you can then roll it straight to your favourite spot.

2. Setup

Once the tub and Hydromate have been set up at the desired location, all that remains is to hook everything up.

3. Getting Started

Fill the Softub with a garden hose. Now all you have to do is plug the power cable into a 220V/230V GFCI outlet (e.g. a standard household socket) and close the thermal cover to protect it against dirt and prevent unauthorised use while the water is heating up.

Softub Installation Video