The Artesian Spa Collection

Affordable and luxury hot tubs to suit any home

Ultimate in Luxury Hot Tubs in the UK
Market Leading Spas

Island Spas by Artesian

A selection of hand sculptured, high end hot tubs

Chosen for their unbeatable hydrotherapy, energy efficiency and water quality enhancing features.  These luxury hot tubs are the epitome of high quality and attention to detail, featuring Artesian’s Patented Helix jet design.  These jets are the key to unlocking the best deep tissue hydrotherapy massage available.

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The Artesian Elite Class

The Ultimate Hydrotherapy Experience

The Platinum Elite Class brings you the world’s 1st 6 pump hydrotherapy system, each person has their own individual topside control and their own hydrotherapy pump, allowing complete customisation of your very own massage.  Platinum Elite spas are also incredibly powerful, they utilise many energy saving features, and with the DirectFlow technology, you can reduce the energy consumption by up to half.  So you can have one of the most powerful massages available without it costing a fortune.

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Garden Spas by Artesian

Energy efficiency, quality and powerful hydrotherapy for a small space

Garden Spas are uniquely designed to fulfil the ever increasing demand for a high quality hot tub that will suit a smaller garden.  Whether ie be a small outdoor space, terrace or personalised spa room, this range of hot tubs will not disappoint.  For those who have access problems, two of these models have been designed to fit through a standard doorway.  The range starts at £3,495 so you are sure to find a suitable spa for your lifestyle.

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The Artesian South Seas Spas

Affordable Hot Tub Range

South Seas Spas will help you relax and unwind with all the mental and physical health benefits you will feel from these hot tubs. Designed to provide an intense and varied hydrotherapy massage in every seat, whilst combining mood enhancing elements such as the multicolour LED lighting and the pillowfall waterfall feature available in this class. Artesian have always felt passionate about providing a suitable hot tub for everyone without compromising quality, which is why we have designed two unique classes in this range

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