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The Artesian Platinum Elite Class

Delivering the ultimate hydrotherapy experience

Sophisticated system for controlling and moving the water flow within a spa

The Platinum Elite Class

World’s 1st 6 pump hydrotherapy system

For Artesian’s Platinum Elite class surpasses all other luxury hot tubs, delivering the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.  The world famous Platinum Elite spas use patented DirectFlow technology, the most sophisticated system ever devised for controlling and moving the water flow within a spa.  You just cannot find a better performing luxury spa.

Introducing The Platinum Elite Class

Quail Ridge
Dove Canyon
Piper Glen
Pelican Bay

The Quail Ridge offers:

  • Dedicated lounger with armrests and a dynamic, super-massage foot and leg well
  • Four massage seats with jet configurations to suit different needs
  • Perfect for small spaces & indoor use (can fit through most exterior doors)

The Dove Canyon offers:

  • Dedicated lounger fitted with dual rotating foot jets and calf massage
  • Six versatile triad seats feature wraparound, high-flow, adjustable jets
  • Multiple variations of hydro massage options

The Piper Glen offers:

  • Sixty seven high-volume, sophisticated massage jets & 4 full therapy seats
  • Five different controls for massage seats
  • Pressure settings that don’t divert water from other seats

The Pelican Bay offers:

  • Designed for large families, entertaining friends or those who like lots of space
  • Sixty nine high-performance jets and five individual controls for the massage seats
  • The most space a Platinum Elite spa has to offer

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Softub spas offer individuality, environmental friendliness and maximum flexibility. All in all a great way to relax and unwind from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life.  We have a range of Softubs available so to find out more or to arrange a visit then get in touch today.