Softub Repairs & Spare Parts

We are Softub Midlands Ltd, based at Palmers @ Ullesthorpe Garden Centre in South Leicestershire. We have been selling and Servicing Softub for more than 20 years and are approved to provide repairs and supply genuine Softub parts.  We now have a dedicated website . If you need any help with your Softub take a look at the site for further assistance

If you have an acrylic type hot tub and are experiencing problems we can help. Our fully trained and experienced engineer can get your hot tub up and running again!

Please just call us on 0800 0239 121 to find out more.

If you have owned your Softub for some time you will appreciate how very reliable they are. However from time to time you may experience problems with your motor unit. We are happy to visit you and repair it, supply you the parts or arrange for it to be sent to us, the choice is yours!! If you decide to send it to us, we will diagnose the problem, give you a price and if you are happy we will get your motor unit up and running and get it back to you as soon as possible. We can also supply new filters and other accessories for your Softub!

We are also happy to offer you a part exchange on your Softub for either a new Softub or another type of hot tub, just contact us!! We also buy old Softub’s so please just call us for advice.

Here are some common problems we come across:-

Q. The motor unit keeps turning on and off in short cycles?
A. This is most likely to be the circuit board or relay or possibly both.

Q. The tub is over heating?
A. This may be the temperature sensor or the circuit board.

Q. There is water leaking from the motor unit?
A. This could be a number of different things including, split nut loose or O ring needs replacing, pipe has come of another pipe, the seal on the impeller needs replacing.The upper plumbing pipe has a hair line crack in it.( this can occur after removal of motor unit from tub).

Q. When I press the + button on the top controller to increase the temperature it goes up but will then not go back down when I press the — button?
A. The top controller will probably need replacing. (Digital tops only)

Q. There is a clicking when power is turned on to the tub, but it will not start?
A. This could be the relay or circuit board.

Q.The light does not work when i press the light button?
A. It is very rare for the LED lights to go and is most likely the light transformer. Occasionally it could could be the top controller light button, but most likely to be the light transformer.

Re-skinning your Softub

If your Softub is looking like it has seen better days then did  you know that it is possible to completely re-skin the tub?  We are able to remove the old inner liner which is attached to the outer fabric and then fit a new skin! It will look  like brand new ( please note if some of your jets have started to pull out of the wall of the tub then this can not be rectified during re-skinning. The jets will still look like they are currently). We can also supply new lids and skins for the motor unit. Once done it could look like the below!!

We buy your Softub

If you are looking to sell your Softub then we may be able to help you! We are always on the look out for old Softub’s. Even if your tub no longer works, we may still be interested in taking it of your hands. Please call me to discuss this, or e-mail some information and pictures.

These are only a selection of problems that you may experience. We can send you a box for your Softub  so all you need to do is box it up and send it to us! Please feel free to call us on 0116 220 2025 or fill in the contact us form and we will be able to give you advice on what may be wrong. Just call or click!