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At Artesian Spas we stock a wide range of affordable and luxury hot tubs to suit any home. We have given you a quick break down of all our Hot Tubs so you can find the one that is right for you.


The Ultimate in Luxury – Hot Tubs in the UK.

Our Platinum Elite Range gives you the ultimate in luxury hot tubs with a market leading spa which is packed full of features that will help you relieve stress.

Pillowfall – The Waterfall PillowTo give you an example; as standard our Quail Ridge Hot Tub comes with two pillowfall water jets, allowing you to sooth your neck and back with warm water whilst you sit back and let the water work its magic. This spa also comes with LEDs to create a soothing and ambient atmosphere.

So if you are looking for the luxury hot tub, then forget about the others because the Platinum Elite Range is built for you and comes with a number of fantastic upgrades.

Check out our Platinum Elite Range Here.

Hand Sculptured for Ergonomic Excellence

Our Island Spa range uses a traditional hand crafted moulds to create our perfect ergonomic designs, meaning you get the ultimate in luxury and performance in a top end affordable hot tub. Featuring Artesians world famous patented Helix™ jets, our island spas are generally choosen for their unbeatable hydrotherapy and energy efficiency.

So if you are looking for a spa, which has more features as standard than any other brand check out our Island Spa Hot Tubs Here.